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:Heart Love::iconglamour-photography:

Glamour photography: Este grupo se centra en admirar la belleza del cuerpo humano femenino y el alma!
Fundado Hace 9 Años
31 de marzo de 2011
Localización: global
Enfoque de grupo:
Colección de arte
Tipo de medio artístico:
Los colaboradores artistas fotografos son tantos que no caben sus nombres en este post, pero son los mas importantes y reconocidos del mundo en este género.
: Iconglamour-photography: Un grupo enfocado en lo que el nombre implica: 
Las presentaciones pasarán por un proceso de votación. Estas son las reglas para la galería:
: Bulletblack: Glamour: Una fotografía de un modelo con el énfasis en el tema, la cara debe ser incluido.
: Bulletblack: Moda: Mostrando la ropa y otros artículos de moda... claramente.
: Bulletblack: Pinup: Tradicional y moderno

Bulletblack: Desnudos artísticos: bellamente

 ilustrados y ejecutados con buen gusto, y que

 en este post se presenta una cuarta

y extensa selección

: Bulletblack: Fetichismo: Depende del punto de vista .. (situaciones, esclavitud, caucho, cuero, tacones .. etc 

by RadActPhoto

by RadActPhoto

by Philgoude
by photoport (fantastic. So sexy without showing anything)
by nikosalpha (Absolutely beautiful... lighting, composition, subject... everything!) 
by RadActPhoto
by photoport
by Scottworldwide (Here's a real nice woman. Wow. Perfect picture of a perfect model. This may be my favorite thing I've ever seen from glamour photography)
by Scottworldwide (i really like this, beautiful lady, and the red is a nice background)
by Scottworldwide (Just another beautiful girl standing naked in front of the camera....)
by photoport (The composition in my mind couldn't be more perfect and I also enjoy the model's position. ~Goddess-Lovesmentioned she looks masculine but I would rather think of it as strong. Indeed it's not the most elegant pose but it's still very feminine in its own regard, not to mention quite sexy)
by BW-999
by lepersabstain (Great background... I like this vintage effect... And beautiful model too!)
by MissNathalya
by gestiefeltekatze (The most beautiful thing in the world is the female from...)
no title 116 by ABrito
by ABrito (Beautiful symmetry, form and line! Astoundingly elegant and lovely! Awesome color, pic,model great stuff)
by markdaughn
by photoport (Superb quality. Nice work!)
by photoport (he use of the ligth in this piece is very well explored creating a good sensation and almost sculpting her body)
by photoport (the model is superb! It is amazing to see the extent at which a human being can achieve such perfection in her body. Needless to say, yet, needful for me, her body is sublime, she is built like a goddess!)
by H0LL0W25 ( I really like this style ! perhaps I'll get a minute to write more)
by RadActPhoto (Imagination to power)
by RadActPhoto
by photoport (I love the use of the fluorescent light. Very nice contrast with the sharpness of it and the softer natural lighting. It really brings out the textures around her)
by Wizardinc (Nice shot, would have been wonderful with a mix of color/B&W (photomanipulation)
by mjranum (playboy bunny?)
by Teddy-bear1 (no comment... but Very sexy teen!!!  Very tempting!!! 
by Photorotic (This is a great shot, I really like the contrast between the milk and her skin, awesome work)
by alfred-georg (A masterpiece! reminds me of the yin and yan circle, but with a twist. its all good)
by RadActPhoto (Lovely concept! Incredible sunshine on her... glowing and so sexy!)
by Philgoude
by moodscapes ( It's really one of the sweetest waterfall portraits I've seen in many a day)
by von-sel (It could have been a painting because the photographer put all the things we think about the last 150 years painting the story. But obviously it's a photography. This image almost seems abstract, with the colors so vibrant. Almost to hard to take in...impressive though

by BW-999 (this is one of the best autumn photo ever everything in it look so picture perfect)

by RadActPhoto (I just like the connection. The garden itself is interesting especially at this angle.